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FRCR605 3/4"x6" $26.48/ft.

FRCR (Flexible Radius Crown) Urethane Moldings are most commonly used at the top of a curved wall, between the wall and ceiling. When this is the desired use, figure your rise and width by referring to the curved wall diagram below.

FRCR (Flexible Radius Crown) Urethane Moldings can also be used where molding is required to flow up and then down, such as the upper perimeter of a half round or arched window, door, or opening. When this is the desired use, figure your rise and width by referring to radius and length calculator below.

Be sure to double your quantity for Round or Oval Windows.

Seam Glue or Keystones are available, please call to add them to our order!

Be sure to speak with a Live Chat agent before checking out, we want to ensure we have the lengths that you need.

Radius & Length Calculator                       Curved Wall Diagram

Rise (inches):  
Width (inches):  
Radius =
Length =

*Calculated Length is rounded UP to the nearest foot.

When entering length, Include extra footage if needed when mitering into a joining matching straight molding.


How to use Radius and Length Calculator

  • Enter Rise and Width only.
  • Click Calculate button.
  • Enter Radius Rise, Radius Width, and Radius in the Required fields.
  • Select Radius Type.
  • Enter Quantity.
  • Add to Cart.

  • This 3/4" thick and 6" high flexible radius large urethane colonial crown, has a convex then concave center profile, with multiple curves and steps at bottom, and a single radius at the top. See our Crown category for the matching primed MDF crown profile (PMCR605 3/4"x6").

    This crown can also be used below curved mantel tops, and incorporated in radius header pediment tops, above curved doors, windows, and openings. Besides between walls and ceilings, crowns are used inside pan and coffered ceilings, across tops of cabinets, and below window sills. This molding can be used for many other woodwork applications.

    All flexible urethane moldings are NOT primed. All flexible urethane moldings are NOT rigid, they are delivered coiled in a box.

    This item is NOT in stock, Please allow up to 2 weeks to ship.   

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