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FSCH310 1" x 2-7/8" - $9.84/ft.

FS (Flexible Straight) Urethane Moldings are most commonly used horizontally on a flat curved wall surface, such as base and chair rail.  When molding is required to flow up and then down, such as the perimeter of a half round, full, or arched window, door or opening, select FR (Flexible Radius) profiles.

Be sure to double your quantity for Round or Oval Windows.

Seam Glue or Keystones are available, please call to add them to our order!

When entering length, Include extra footage if needed when mitering into a joining matching straight molding.

This item is NOT in stock, Please allow up to 2 weeks to ship.
This 1" thick and 2-7/8" high flexible straight large urethane chair rail, has a large pronounced center radius, and then descends down on both sides with a variety of stepped and curved profiles. This flexible chair rail demands attention and is suitable to be used in large rooms, with it's large eye catching profile, makes a beautiful border line, as it curves around rooms, up stair walls, and around the inside of panels. Its ability to be used in various locations showcases the versatility of this molding in many other woodwork applications.

All flexible urethane moldings are NOT primed and are NOT rigid. All flexible urethane moldings are delivered coiled in a box.

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