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BA-518-019-1-FL - 19/32" x 5-9/16" Smooth Urethane Flexible Base - $18.42/ft

This molding is a 19/32" x 5-9/16" Smooth Urethane Flexible Base. Base molding is normally used along the perimeter of the room, where the wall meets the floor. Base molding can also be used in a process called stacking in which base molding is combined with a crown molding for a larger, more detailed design. They can also be used as a substitute for a large casing.

All Available Species: Primed MDF and Smooth Urethane

Reference ID: 5.3, 5.4
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Please Note:
  • All flexible urethane moldings are NOT primed and are NOT rigid. All flexible urethane moldings are delivered coiled in a box.
  • Be sure to double your quantity for Round or Oval Windows.
  • Seam Glue or Keystones are available, please call to add them to your order!

FR (Flexible Radius) Urethane Moldings are most commonly used where molding is required to flow up and then down, such as the perimeter of a half-round, full-round, or arched window, door, or opening.

FS (Flexible Straight) Urethane Moldings are most commonly used horizontally on a flat curved wall surface, such as base and chair rail.

Flexible Radius Example
Flexible Straight Example

Radius and Length Calculator is only needed for Flexible Radius Moldings.

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