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BB-110-028-1-PM - 7/8" x 1-5/16" Primed MDF Backband - $0.76/ft

This molding is a 7/8" x 1-5/16" Primed MDF Backband. Backbands stack on the outside edge of a casing to add thickness and width to the casing. This allows thicker chair rails and bases to be used in conjunction. They can also be used to cap the top of panel walls, for kitchen light rails and for the parimeter of wall panel boxes.

All Available Species: Poplar, Primed MDF and Smooth Urethane

Reference ID: 3.1, 4.1

MDF moldings in this category have been primed by the manufacturer. Through the process of stacking, shipping, cutting, etc., this material may have imperfections in the primer, such as rubbed off primer and scratches. Our customers must complete the finishing of this product by painting, which will cover such imperfections.

Please Note: All lengths over 8' require LTL freight shipping. We are happy to ship longer lengths, however shipping costs will be significantly more expensive. For this reason, we recommend chosing lengths under 8' where possible to avoid extra costs.

Be sure to speak with a Live Chat agent before checking out, we want to ensure we have the lengths that you need.