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BR-606-122-1-RO - 1-11/16" x 6-3/16" Red Oak Bar Rail - $14.64/ft

This is a 1-11/16" thick and 6-3/16" high Bar Rail Molding. It has a 3/4" high and 13/16" deep Rabbet on the sitting side, and a 5/8" high and 7/8" deep rabbet on the standing side. By reversing which rabbet is set on the top of the bar, the use of the bar rail changes from sitting to standing. The rabbet remaining at the bottom can then be used to insert a 1/2" piece of plywood that will attach to the face of the bar, and make the underneath totally flat and support the outside edge of the Bar Rail.

Reference ID: 2.1, 5.1

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