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PMCH110 5/8"x1-3/4" $0.94/ft.

This 5/8" thick and 1-3/4" high primed medium density fiberboard, chair rail/panel cap molding, is often used to cap a flat board in order to produce a colonial base look. A matching flexible radius urethane chair rail profile (FRCH110 5/8"x1-3/4") and a matching flexible straight urethane chair rail profile (FSCH110 5/8"x1-3/4") are available.

This item is often used as a small chair rail. This molding also looks great as an angular chair rail, flowing down stair walls. This moldings common uses are to cap the front edge of shelving and mantel tops, and to fabricate panels on doors, walls, etc. This molding can be used for many other woodwork applications.

MDF molding in this category have been primed by the manufacturer. Through the process of stacking, shipping, cutting, etc., this material may have imperfections in the primer, such as rubbed off primer and scratches. Our customer must complete finishing of this product by painting, which will cover such imperfections. 

Reference ID: 3.1, 4.1

Please Note:
Due to Parcel shipping length limit, If you require lengths over 8', select LTL Freight for shipping.

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